Introducing: 2.O-phorisms

Today I’ve launched a new feature: 2.O-phorisms, a separate page of this blog that will be a gathering place for sharp one-liners that encapsulate key thoughts about building, using or living with the Web.

My inspiration came while writing yesterday’s entry, in which I cited this thought:

The challenge used to be getting the people to the content; now it’s a matter of getting the content to the people.

I have no idea who said it, but it strikes me as a wonderful phrase that captures a moment in Web evolution. I’m sure there are many others, and many better ones.

Have any to contribute? Please click on the 2.O-phorism tab above and add your own as comments. I’ll cut and paste them into the main entry, attributing them to you and in turn to whomever you got them from, so we’ll have one big list.

The rules:

Keep them short. I’d say one-liners only, but some will need two sentences or so.

They should be about building, using or living with the Web.

Please attribute whenever possible.

My hope is that we can crowdsource a list of inspirations, illuminations and provocations that will function as a kind of instant mini-course on Web life.

So leave a 2.O-phorism, and join the fun. I’ve started the list with two examples of unknown authorship.

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