The 2.D’oh! Weekly Round-Up, Vol. VI

Time for our weekly look at recent missteps, mischief and meaty meals in 2.Otown:

Religious devotion to Web video  

To continue yesterday’s jeremiad on my continued skepticism about Web video, check out this excellent entry from PBS’s new-media-guy-at-large Mark Glaser. His Media Shift column explores some more obscure applications of Web video including–I swear I am not making this up–a beta site named JewTube.

And while’s we’re discussing video, take a look at a sharp comment to yesterday’s Video Is Hideo post, in which Smoothspan discusses how video can accommodate different information acquistion styles in addition to, um, mine. His comment links to a longer blog entry of his.

Mommy, Make It Stop

A provocative entry on a Web site for U.K. journalists explores the question whether some yet undeveloped text-to-speech technology could, by delivering news reports by iPod, render print extinct. You can listen to a podcast of the column, by a reporter named Colin Crummy, here.

Oh, wait, no you can’t, there isn’t a podcast for the column. That link above lets you subscribe to the print edition of the journalism magazine. 

 Yes, but how is this different from Google?

A startup called LivingMemory is devoted to gathering comprehensive personal data about yourself and your loved ones, so it’s available on one set of Web servers forever, even after death.

And finally, our Noted Without Comment Feature

Dutch Royal Couple Edited Own Wikipedia Entry

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