Fred Thompson’s 2.0 Platform

So Fred Thompson, the actor turned politician, announced his (skillfully delayed) campaign for the GOP nomination for President on Jay Leno’s TV show. No, wait, he didn’t. He announced it on his Web site Tuesday, before he went on Leno.

Set aside the whole political thing for now; the election is months away. But let’s take a look at Thompson’s Web site and see to what extent this late-to-the-game candidate is taking advantage of all the toys in 2.0town.

And they say Republicans don’t “get” the Web.

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One Comment on “Fred Thompson’s 2.0 Platform”

  1. […] all the key areas of the matrix.  It’s fascinating to watch this happen on something like Fred Thompson’s Web 2.0 bid for the Presidency.  Thanks to Web 2.oh..Really? for putting me on to that story.  Here is what Thompson’s […]

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