The 2.D’oh! Weekly Round-Up, Vol. VII

It’s Friday, which can mean only that it’s time for the weekly roundup of high points, low points and no points in 2.0 Village. 

Big media doesn’t cover the issues, you say?

Check out’s cooler-than-beans  Issue Coverage Tracker, which illustrates with interactive visuals how much media coverage there’s been on each candidates’ position on issues from abortion to Iraq. [Interest revealed: I’m a former employee of The Washington Post Co.]

You can also stick the feature on your blog or Web page, since it’s been widgetized. The only shortcoming I see is the lack of a downloadable button that says “I Am Boring at Parties.” 

Don’t Tell Google

The Issue Tracker rides on the back of a platform known as Daylife, a news tag-and-bag service that various media companies are using to mash up news content. Fortune is using it to monitor technology threads discussed around the Web; Parade is using it to harvest the latest celebrit-erations.

User Generated Weather

MeteoStone, a curious startup which invites people to report the local weather, imagines a vast, real-time database of on-the-ground meteorological data. Crowdsourced weather? Maybe. As of this writing there were precisely two U.S. reports: one showed it was 79 degrees and sunny somewhere in the mid-Atlantic states, and 68 degrees and sunny somewhere near the border of  Washingon State and Canada. Why so few players? To record your weather data, you need to know your longitude and latitude. Alas, there is no link to purchase a sextant.

2.0-phorisms, (barely) cont’d.

Only one submission to our truly brilliant but widely ignored “2.0-phorisms” feature, in which we hope to crowdsource a list of all the pithy, clever truisms about current Weblife that people come across in 2.0land. 

A correspondent who identifies himself only as “Ed, 27” made this contribution:

Blogging is proof that it’s possible to have nothing to say six times a day. 

For the record, Ed, Web 2.Oh. . .really? is published only once a day on weekdays.  

Go ahead, folks, make your contribution to our (slowly) growing list of 2.0-phorisms.  

And finally, our weekly Noted Without Comment feature

CEOs, white collars admit playing video games at work

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