The First Day of the Rest of Maureen Dowd’s Life

This from Maureen Dowd’s column in the New York Times, which has finally been liberated from behind the pay wall the company had built around its marquee columnists under its ill-fated TimesSelect plan:

“Nobody wants to simply admit they made a mistake and disappear for awhile. Nobody even wants to use the weasel words: ‘Mistakes were made.’ No, far better to pop right back up and get in the face of those who were savoring your absence.”

Such a striking confession about her employer’s embarrassing capitulation to reality! From such a proud woman!

Oh, wait, my mistake.

The column’s about Alan Greenspan’s new book. And Republican Sen. Larry Craig, trying to come back from his bathroom break. And something about Donald Rumsfeld, and Colin Powell.  It’s a sort of rambling roundup of recent news reported in The Washington Post, GQ magazine, and the New York Times itself, all about attempted comebacks by various scoundrels. A sassed-up Google News search.

Now, free and available to all. More proof that you get what you pay for?

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