The 2.0 Crash, Foretold

Sure, there are plenty of signs that the 2.bubble is about to rupture: Revenue-free companies with billion-dollar valuations, surplus venture capital bottom-fishing for any startup with 2.0 in the first paragraph of its business plan, Ajax superstars commanding high six-figure salaries, the suspect reports alleging that everybody’s grandma prefers to watch video on her laptop rather than the plasmatron.

But if you want any more proof that 2.Armageddon is upon us, just visit the Dot-o-mater, a handy tool that automates the tedious process of picking a name for your next 2.0 venture. Select one or more word sets from column A, and one or more from Column B, and let the computer do the work from there.

I just claimed Gigavark and FlipLand on, so you better hurry and get your 2.0 domain names before they’re all gone.

Oh, I also got BubbleScape. Eat your heart out.

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One Comment on “The 2.0 Crash, Foretold”

  1. […] previously wrote a post about the wiggy Dot-o-mater, a site that saves you the trouble and automatically generates foolish 2.0 […]

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