Friday Funnies: 23/6

When I heard that Barry Diller was launching a new comedy site along with the Huffington Post, I thought: Oh, great, let’s see what a scrambling media titan and a group of earnest liberals think is funny.

I’ll make this brief: 23/6 is one of the funniest things I’ve seen on the web since. . .well, let me think. A very long time.

My funny-on-the-web test consists exclusively of counting the flecks of spittle that land on my monitor that result from trying to restrain an explosive laugh. My first 10 minutes with 23/6 dampened my screen quite a bit. I think I see some bits of my tuna fish sandwich there.

Just a few highlights:

The beauty of this stuff is how perfectly the folks behind this effort get the self-important mannerisms and hokey sense of “community” rampant on the Web. This is a brilliant effort at satirizing the web using its own toolkit.

Sad note: In attempt to justify itself, the parodies include little links to the “real” stories upon which they are based, creating an odd comedic experience. Those who don’t get the joke will presumably go ahead and read the article that will help explain the joke. What, then they go back and read the joke again? Can’t imagine that experience launching much spittle.

Anyhow, there’s nothing worse than someone trying to explain or analyze humor. Go to 23/6 right now. But I recommend flossing first.

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