mikehuckabee.com: Feel the Surge

With all the breathless splatter over Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul‘s improbably virulent web campaign, other contentders’ efforts to leverage 2.0 in ’08 tend to get lost.

But political web watchers are linking the surge in the polls of the genial Mike Huckabee to his wise use of the web. Writing for the techPresident site, Zephyr Teachout recently counted the ways Huckabee’s been using the web wisely.

The short list:

1. Enlightened use of UGC, including videos that have some sport with ol’ Huck

2. Holding blogger conference calls

3. Leaving typos in this blog

4. No flash, no splash, kind of dorky big buttons and navigation.

Note how all of these things help establish the candidate’s authenticity. His team is using the web to make Huckabee more “real”–not just to preach to the converted.

And speaking of which, you won’t want to miss the video, posted just today, of the good governor and immigration advisor Chuck Norris discussing. . . faith.

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2 Comments on “mikehuckabee.com: Feel the Surge”

  1. Kimberly Wieser Says:

    If Mike Huckabee is elected as president, how will he prepare the world for December 21, 2012?

  2. ME Says:

    Why does that matter? No one believes that anyway. Only God knows when the world will end not the president…I think if the world belives in some ancient calender they should worry about preparing themselves and not be dependent on the president to live their lives for them.

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