Viz This: Some More Great DataViz 08 Tools

As the political primary season grinds on–oh, no, wait, it hasn’t actually started yet–I’ve become a collector of interesting data visualization projects that various publications have created for the year in politics ahead.

I’ve previously publicly admired the New York Times Debate Analyzer, USA Today’s Candidate Match Game, and the Washington Post’s Issue Tracker.

Three other dataviz [data visualizations, in webbist jargon] projects have caught my attention recently:

The LA Times’ Primary Tracker. Want to see why “SuperDuper Tuesday,” 25 Jan., will have such extraordinary impact on who the candidates in the general election will be? One quick slider-push on this tool makes it clear in alarming detail.

MSNBC’s Candidate + Issues Matrix. My current favorite in the “deadly cool if slightly clunky in use” category. View how you stack up relative to the candidates. Less visually playful than the USA Today entry in this field, but quite elegant to use.

They say politics brings out the worst in people. This campaign season, it’s bringing out the best is some dataviz designers.

[In the spirit of full disclosure: I’m working on an ’08 dataviz project myself, which is why I’ve been watching. And I’m a former employee of the Washington Post.]


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