Visions of ’08, Vol 1

As the invitable year-that-was rundowns appear all over the web, a few forward-leaning folks are peering ahead into the HypeMurk of ’08.

As a public service–and, to be honest, to prevent me from having to make a list of my own that could be held against me 365 days hence–I’ll do quick rundowns on the ’08 look-aheads so you don’t have to read them at all.

Today’s entry: Facebook is so Last Year, by  Bobbi Johnson of The Guardian. His 5 picks for signicant sites in ’08 include:  Ebay + the local handcrafters guild

Dopplr: Facebook  + meetup for frequent flyers

Seesmic: YouTube returned to its roots (!) + . . .French President Nicolas Sarkozy?

My prediction for ’08 lists: Many will include entries best described with the following formula: Sum= ’07 hit + {pop culture phenomenon not yet monetized on the web  + VC investment – market uncertainty}

But I have never been good at math.

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