Visions of ’08, Vol 2

Today’s prognostication for the year ahead is near and dear to my heart: A warning that all the video people are watching on the web (along with music, phone calls and other bandwidth-sucking activities) will soon slow the Internet to a crawl.

The prediction appears in Harvard public policy lecturer Emily Kamarck’s op-ed in the Boston Globe.

False apocalypse?

Another reason to boycott web video?

Or a wise warning that the Internet free ride may have to end? Which is to say, someone [and we always know who that “someone” is] will have to pay for the new infrastructure needed to keep things moving along so you can exercise your god-given right to watch Battlestar Galactica ruruns on Hulu?

We’ll find out, maybe, in ’08.

[n.b.: The home page of today’s, home of the Globe, includes a particularly well-done, if terribly earnest, Globe-produced video.]

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