Visions of ’08, Vol 3

Wired magazine has published its obligatory view-of-’08-through-beer-goggles. Its Top 10 Startups to Watch in ’08 include. . .well, several companies that aren’t startups at all. Some around since 2005. Go figure.

Setting that aside, here’s a short list of what the Wired crowd will be watching. I’ve included only those I hadn’t heard of previously, figuring my ignorance is a good low bar to set for others.

As a public service, I’ve done the descriptive math that seems to apply so well to 2.0fferings for the year ahead.

Dash: GPS + online traffic reports

Fon: Boingo + home broadband + {neoMarxism/144} + {Univision/2}

Spock: Ego-surfing + social network scrapery – federal privacy legislation

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