Finally, Twitter Explained

If you’re among the many who just don’t “get” Twitter–show of hands, please? You, sir, in the back?–there’s finally a good, simple explanation.

Lee LeFever, whose Commoncraft studio makes clear, loveably brief videos that explain social networking tools to layfolk–has released “Twitter in Plain English.” It manages, in only 2:29 (!), to convey what Twitter does and why you (may) want to be involved.Twitter in Plain English

We won’t make the mistake of trying to explain a video that explains something so clearly. But we will say the videos use a mix of whiteboard, ink-and-paper drawings and advanced finger-puppet technology. If the MacArthur “genius” grant people took nominations, we’d put in for LeFever & Co.

If you want to figure out what all the Twitterfuss is about, just watch the video.

Or send it to your mom. Or boss.

If any of them actually winds up spending time on Twitter, of course, I’ll dodge responsibility. It’s LeFever’s fault.

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5 Comments on “Finally, Twitter Explained”

  1. […] Then again, I didn’t get RSS at first either. And after seeing this cute little video (via Craig Stoltz), I decided what the heck. So I’ve started Twittering. And I’m having a blast. So if […]

  2. bjorn Says:

    Hey, I can explain Twitter in 1 second:

    “Facebook’s status updates”

    .. ok, maybe that was 1.5 😀

  3. Craig Stoltz Says:

    for the record, I take no responsiblity for Mr. Korr’s inevitable future time management challenges.

  4. Twitter reminds me of deranged broken monologues, typically held in front of a medicine cabinet mirror while fumbling aimlessly for the brain medication.

  5. Craig Stoltz Says:

    Steve: You get comment of the day honors. I’m going to go post it on Twitter. Seriously. @craigstoltz

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