The 2.D’oh! Weekly Roundup

Linkers, blinkers and stinkers from the last week:

2.0, Ink

Blogger Nic Haralambous wants to crowdsource his tattoo. Confessing he is “a bit of a black hole” regarding the design of something so permanent, “…what I am asking for is a little help. I want to crowdsource some ideas for the design of my tattoo.” It’s for his left arm, between elbow and shoulder.

Specs: “The size of the entire thing cannot exceed the dimensions of an A4 piece of paper. Below is some of the design that I have (a cropped version of what I have, there is alot of stuff missing).

Legal disclaimer and copyright: “I can’t and wont promise to use stuff that is sent in to me as is, but I can be sure that I will use the ideas and credit the designers on this blog when the final design is placed on to me arm.”

Stop Me Before I Aggregate Again

Bill Bastone, editor of The Smoking Gun, talking with Mediashift blogger Mark Glaser, about the curious profusion of sites designed to aggregate content and the decline of sites that produce it:

You see these people like Tina Brown having her own site, and Michael Wolff has this site. You have these main journalists/columnists migrating online, but what are they doing? News aggregators. That’s what blogs are. . . .But do we want people to come on and say they are going to point us to more stories? That’s what Matt Drudge already does or You’re not going to deliver me anything better than what they’re doing. I want to see you break stories and not just tell me what’s on the Washington Post. What you’re going to need soon is a news aggregator of the news aggregator sites.

Yes, But Who Will Do the Fact-Checking?

“Germany’s Bertelsmann will publish a series of annual yearbooks whose content is derived from the hundreds of thousands of user-created entries on Wikipedia. The parent company of book publisher Random House plans to publish the first “One-Volume Wikipedia Encyclopedia” in September.

“Copies of the 992-page book, available only in German, will retail for $31.80.”

via Yahoo News

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  1. jon Says:

    @Germany’s Bertelsmann
    Surely it’s not April 1st again!

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