GSP Liveblog: LinkedIn Presentation

Adam Nash, Sr. Director of Product for LinkedIn [My comments in brackets]

[Intro: A video that shows Toby of The Office, talking about social network abuse at Dunder Mifflin]

What sets LinkedIn apart? Unlike purely goof-with-friends networks, LI is a “purpose-driven Network.” [Which is to say: Business only. Duh.] Based on trust, developing a business profile. Users: Time-starved business folks who value their privacy.


  • 8.6 million monthly page views: 361 pct growth in year. Now fourth highest social network in PVs
  • Demo: 41 years old, avg. income $100k-plus
  • New[ish] feature: Company posting employee directories on LinkedIn. 65 percent of them have fewer than 200 or fewer employees

LinkedInnies are “suceptive to messages” aimed at small business users. “You won’t find a page with 12 different ad spots.” Advertisers can do broad campaign, or aim at certain kinds of users, or custom segments. All that data in your profile? It’s used to match you with ads.

Members want productivity applications–things that will save them time or do things they can’t now do to reach people.

Open Social based applications to be launched. . . in Q3.

LinkedIn makes money four ways: Ads; classified job ads; premium subscription products for some users; enterprise deals for big companies. [Note to self: Am I paying for a premium subscription? If so, why?]

Data viz plans: New apps to (for example) show who’s moved where, understand relationships between people and companies, etc. [I’d love to see my LinkedIn network represented as a Venn diagram.]

Unbelievable quote: “I have a number of interns starting next week [!]” that will explore new kinds of visualizations. [Dude: If it’s a strategic priority, why are freaking interns getting the work? What, you can’t find people via LinkedIn who can do the job?]

iPhone plans: “It’s a little bit spoiling” that with LinkedIn mobile you can now walk into a meeting and find out about people five minutes beforehand. “We’ll pursue” mobile “very aggressively.”

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3 Comments on “GSP Liveblog: LinkedIn Presentation”

  1. Adam Nash Says:

    Just thought I’d say hi here. Very tight synopsis, although I think those last four paragraphs are actually part of the Q&A rather than the presentation itself.

    I’m don’t think I actually said that visualization was a strategic priority – right now, we are very much focused on utility and applications that deliver professional value. Visualizations are extremely interesting, but not one of the top application types that we’re focused on internally. The question was from the crowd, from a developer who focuses on visualization. It’s one of the areas that I am sure developers will be able to expand on with the platform.

    Thanks for posting these notes (of this and other GSP talks).

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