GSP Liveblog: Widgetmania–Trend or Diagnosis?

Session: Clearspring, “Number 1 widget platform” [note to self: fact-check that claim]

1. “Widgets are the new web page.” And presumably the new widgets are. . .[my prediction: Lifestreams. But that’s another story.]

2. Widgets: “A building block, not a building.” It’s just another way to reach people on the web that complements other things you do. Duh patrol: “Focus on user”

3. Focus less long tail, more “fat tail.” Neither tiny nor huge markets. Sweet spot: ComScore 200. [Note to self: Is “fat tail” a new coinage?]

4. Do A/B testing of widgets, then keep moving fast to improve, develop, punt, etc. Watch metrics–“double down on success.”

5. “You will fail.” Don’t be afraid to fail. The more you fail the more you learn about what might work for you. Work fast, keep going. “Speed over smarts.”

“Speed over smarts” sounds good. Much better than “Slow under dumb.”

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