GSP Liveblog: Graphing Social Patterns

I’m liveblogging from O’Reilly’s Graphing Social Patterns, a social media conference. Try to contain yourselves, please.

5 Things that Win on Social Networks, from David McClure, 500 Hats: [Brackets show me talking, not speakers.]

1. Multiple Social Network Platforms. They are proliferating, as a big Venn diagram illustrates. [Note to self: For whom is this good?]

2. News Feeds let you stay in touch with multiple groups as networks proliferate

3. App-Vertising: Widgets, social apps are new methods that are not annoying to “reach” people. Said he, after misspeaking: “I probably shouldn’t say targeting” people. It’s “reaching people with information on products and services.”

4. Data Portability: Use social content on multiple platforms across web [No longer limited to single-platform interactions]

5. Social Commerce: It’s not happening yet, but “I’m predicting,” said he. The idea is that people will begin making purchases while doing their stuff on social networks. [We’ll see.]

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2 Comments on “GSP Liveblog: Graphing Social Patterns”

  1. Shashib Says:


    It was great to meet you at GSP East. great posts on the conference. What tool do you use for live blogging?


  2. Craig Stoltz Says:

    Hi Shashi–Thanks for the kind words. I just use this WordPress blog. I know there are liveblogging tools, and I did send out some Tweets, but I just keep it simple.

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