What I Might Say at a 2.0 Conference

I’m about to speak at the annual Digital Media Conference in Washington. It’s an open panel discussion, dedicated to “The Future of Web 2.0.” Very cool co-panelists.

I have no idea, since this is a freeform panel, what I’ll wind up saying. I may wind up drooling on my good shirt. I may “kill,” as the standup comedians say. You just never know.

The moderator asked for a few notes, capturing some main ideas I’d like to discuss. Since they may never see the light of day–and since I realized they are a fairly succinct summary of at least some of my ideas about social media/2.0–I figured I’d stick them in an entry here.

For what it’s worth:

1. Despite the rep I’ve cultivated for 2.0 skepticism, I make my living by helping clients use 2.0. Go figure.

2. Current big client: PBS–yes, Bird Bird and Antiques Roadshow 2.0. My big success so far: Being part of a process that allowed a blog comment saying  “[Ex-CNN, new “Wide Angle” host] Aaron Brown is a douchebag” to stay up on the site.

2. I think the adoption of social media is going to be more transformational culturally even than the shift from digital to analog media. Even the people who “get it” don’t often “get” this. Social media is going to crush every communicator and media company that doesn’t figure out how to use it.

3. It’s all so unsettled now–the pressure to participate and the moving-target, making-this-up-as-we-go-along times we’re in, etc.– that you’re getting some dramatic acts of poor judgment. If you take pleasure in the public floundering of the powerful, it’s a great time to be alive.

4. Media companies are some of the worst. Odd fact: NYTimes is building its staff of moderators to keep unsavory UGC off the site while at the same time laying off reporters.

5. More true in 2.0 than ever: If the audience thinks it’s advertising, it’s not working

We’ll see what I wind up saying.

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2 Comments on “What I Might Say at a 2.0 Conference”

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  2. […] Bij het forum, dat over de toepassing van sociale media ging, verlegde de tegenwoordig veelgevraagde webconsultant dan ook niet verrassend het accent naar de dagbladenwereld. Zijn boodschap: zo lang kranten lezers niet serieus nemen en conservatief controle houden over de inhoud, zal hun markt verder inkrimpen. “Een goed voorbeeld is de New York Times. Ze sturen journalisten naar huis, omdat de bedrijfsresultaten tegenvallen. Maar intussen huren ze wel mensen in die niet-gewenste commentaren van de website moeten verwijderen. Dat is een duidelijk exces van merkbescherming, ten koste van de inhoud en conversatie. Je moet lezers laten zeggen wat ze willen, zelfs in een New York Times-omgeving. De Times strijdt tegen het tij door te moderaten, in plaats van de mensen dat zelf te laten doen.” Voor Stoltz’ vooruitblik op zijn panelrol bij de conferentie, zie deze link. […]

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