The Web 2.D’oh! Roundup

The Print ‘n’ Read ™ Feature: How Obama Really Did It

I regularly choose a story I encounter online that I find so valuable it’s actually worth printing it out on paper for later reading. This time it’s the remarkably thoroughgoing and fascinating “How Obama Really Did It,” appearing in MIT’s Technology Review.

A remarkable piece of near-real-time history [six, count ’em, six screens long], the piece describes how and who pulled off Barack Obama’s social networking strategy.

One favorite detail: The forgotten chapter about how McCain, during his 2000 campaign, was precocious in his use of the Internet, raising $1 million online before it was cool. Author David Talbot then goes on to detail his adventures trying to deal with John [“I’m getting more familiar with computers”] McCain’s current website.

[A tip o’ the fez to TechPresident for the pointer to Talbot’s piece.]

Mario Sundar’s Top 10 Blogs

I’m delighted to report that this very blog . . .nearly made Mario Sundar’s list of Top 10 blogs. Oh, it didn’t make the Top 10, but it was nice to be mentioned.

Sundar, “community evangelist” at LinkedIn, proclaimed recently that blogging’s demise has been grossly exaggerated. He goes on to list his 10 favorites. After that list he mentions this humble author among those who “don’t blog as often as they did in the past. Here’s hoping they’d resume their prolific blogging sometime in the future.”

I hereby pledge to try really really hard to post [nearly] every [week]day [when my day job permits] [and my family appears in no imminent danger of forgetting what I look like entirely].

As you might expect, Sundar’s Top 10 includes a few worthies that likely don’t appear on most folks’ RSS dashboards: Jason Kottke’s 10-year-old [!] highbrow take on liberal arts and Harvard Business Online’s Conversation Starter, for instance.

He also includes the indispensible Boom Town by Kara [“I only do digital”] Swisher of the Wall Street Journal. Among my few brushes with fame I include my memorable visit to Hoover Dam with Kara way back in our callow youth at The Washington Post. If I recall, she purchased a swell pair of cowboy boots.

And Finally, Our Regular Sighting of the Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse ™

Church of Christ of Latter-Day Saints rumored poised to purchase Facebook

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One Comment on “The Web 2.D’oh! Roundup”

  1. Mario Sundar Says:

    Hey Craig,

    Here’s hoping to see your regular blog posts! Keep up the awesome work!

    I also subscribe to your tweets, btw. M

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