Rick Sanchez Debuts Twitter on TV

Today at 3 p.m. EST, CNN’s promiscuous social media adopter Rick Sanchez debuts a TV show called Rick Sanchez Direct.

This may be of some cultural significance, in that that the program appears to be about/from/in/around [insert your favorite preposition] Twitter.

It’s hard to imagine the details of this first-of-its-kind broadcast. But in a Twitter message, Sanchez announced that it would indeed be “a Twitter show.”

Sanchez and other CNN anchors have been putting Twitter on camera as they report the news over the last week or so. Sanchez apparently had great sport with Twitter during Hurricane Gustav. I caught some of it, and it gave the news a sort incoherent, populist je ne sais quois I sort of admired. [See this Mashable entry for some details on CNN’s adventures in social media.]

Sanchez follows 4,607 people as of this writing. He has 8,766 followers. This appears to have generated some anxiety at Twitter’s San Francisco HQ, where the troops have been struggling mightily to keep the Fail Whale in its enclosure.

Sanchez’s producer Tweeted the following: **from Rick’s producer** working out a “follow limit” issue with Twitter. Stuck right now, unable to follow new folks.

Whether Sanchez will generate an entire show out of people’s messages to him, I have no idea. It’s hard to imagine how a Twitter feed from 4,607 users might behave live. The mind swims at the possibilities.

In his sign-off message Sunday night, just a little bit before I published this blog item, Sanchez Tweeted thusly:

heading out, c ya tomorrow THREE PM EAST, NOON for u california peeps, and everything in between. dvr, dvr, dvr,

Which is to say: Sanchez is asking us peeps to use our DVRs so we can time-shift a broadcast of his program that features Twitter. Talk about “appointment TV”!

As you can imagine, some see this as yet another sign that Da Man is appropriating social media in its evil plan to generate economic activity. You’ll find evidence of this on the blog Clips & Comment, in a post entitled  “Can Someone Shove CNN’s Twitter Screen Up Rick Sanchez’s A**?”

Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Code Blue!

* * * *

Note: The following added at 6:09 p.m.: For a review of the debut, see the next post.

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116 Comments on “Rick Sanchez Debuts Twitter on TV”

  1. […] Rick Sanchez Debuts Twitter on TV —  Today at 3 p.m. EST, CNN’s promiscuous social media adopter Rick Sanchez debuts a TV show called Rick Sanchez Direct.  —  This may be of some cultural significance, in that that the program appears to be about/from/in/around [insert your favorite preposition] Twitter. […]

  2. Aaron Says:

    Well, it makes sense to DVR a show that will almost certainly pull tweets that are hours if not days old…

  3. C D Cabin Says:

    I’m not sure how to do these blog things, but I have a couple of questions I haven’t seen addressed about Alaska. It is, according to the Alaskans I know, the worst state for education, mental health care, physical health care, and deep, desperate poverty.
    Has Sarah Palin addressed these issues in any way at all?
    I know that people who have serious illnesses and injuries are flown to Seattle because of inadequate health care in Alaska.
    C.D. Cabin
    Longmont, Colorado

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  5. […] y el huracán Gustav. Como obtuvo muy buenos resultados, ahora tendrá un nuevo programa llamado Rick Sanchez Direct, donde la interacción con la audiencia vía Twitter será la […]

  6. […] want this number to be much higher to make sure it doesn’t miss anything worthy of the show. Sanchez’s producers have contacted Twitter about raising this number, but the limit he’s running into right now may be a […]

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  8. Sachin Balagopalan Says:

    Depends on how Sanchez manages the noise factor http://tinyurl.com/5jq5cu

  9. John O'Donoghue Says:

    Rick Sanchez is a moron. Twitter, Twitter, Twitter.

  10. Juan Pan Says:

    Responding to Hannity comment that 2008 would be the end of the media. He is correct for once, it is the end. but not of the liberal media, the end has come for the Republican Party. Hopefully the end of Hannity, along with Hasselback and the rest of the bigots. Fact McCain said it himself, maybe these two along with Hasselback can take a vacation next to a volcano.

  11. Pelikan Says:

    Social networking is a wonderful thing. My problem with using it to further gimmick-up the news is that there is too little of substance or real information on TV news.

    During Gustav, Sanchez was all caught up in Facebook — this was when we thougth it might wipe out NOLA. I posted this then: http://www.clipsandcomment.com/2008/08/31/whats-worse-than-gustav-cnns-rick-sanchez-anchoring-coverage/

    The problem I have is not with Twitter, Facebook, or any of the others it’s with social networking being used to pull a demographic at the expense of an informed citizenry.

  12. […] Rick Sanchez Debuts Twitter on TV « Web 2.Oh. . .really? The mind is boggled. I'm trying to imagine. A Twitter show? Can anyone explain this to me or are they as mystified? […]

  13. shundry2 Says:

    I do think that Obama is aware of the problems with education in Alaska and this maybe why he was speaking in Ohio today mainly about education. I would like the media to also make some mention to the lies Palin is getting away with. She claims to have sold the governors’ plane on ebay, not the case and she also claims to have fired her personal chef .untrue as well. She HAS raised taxes in Alaska and did spend the remaining money from the bridge to nowhere which she is still cofessing to have supported all along.

  14. shundry2 Says:

    Love that new ad by the Demos finally fighting back with truth.

  15. shundry2 Says:

    Rick, please look into the airplane issue with palin and the chef. It seems small, but these are still lies. I am proud of the show so far as I am hearing some truths today

  16. patrick Says:

    What happen to Palin wanted to separate from the U.S. She does not care about her country. She just like to have her way, like a spoil brat. Is this what you want in the white house.
    Also, does this means that with her now spending more time away on the campaign trail he other daughter stands a higher chance of becoming a baby mother.

  17. Michele Says:

    In regards to Russ on the MTV VMA’s. It may not have been appropriate for him to make some of his comments, but does that tell you what the world thinks of America and Bush who has destroyed ths nation and continues to do damage right before he leaves office. I’m loking forward to that day. Good riddence to Bush.

  18. chris Says:

    what about Sarah Palin preacher comments why is comments not talk about or play in a loop.

  19. alan Says:

    Ricky, what’s wrong with you guy’s? you just don’t get it! Americans do not want to wake up every morning of their lives & hear the rant’s & anger from the left anymore, we are tunning the far left s— throwers out & your sponsors are starting to shake things up at msnbc with those two geeks Olberman & Mathews, nobody here in s. Fla likes those gansos, the left is hurting themselves by having these wacked out over zelous left wing jurnalist taking cheap shots every day at the right & Palin, Yesterday it was her invokeing of God in a Wissila town meeting, today it’s, was she for the bridge or not.? Rick please this is (cominrdo mierda )by the left. There is plenty to bring up about Obama & what he was for & what were his associations with all sorts of anti- American folks not generally acceptable to most middle of the road Americans. Therefore I think unless the Democrats can come up with some solutions outside of the same b.s
    sour grapes for the last 8 years, we Americans can see through all the biased reporting and will elect another Republican to run the country & keep us safe.

  20. joanne Says:

    hi…..now we have 2 plus 1=3 …..3 terms of the same..i look beyond what ‘s said from mccain/palin…i’m not moved at all…i have a question if i may? what about….codename “songbird” mccain?…who sold out this country to keep from being tortured?..also…..a hothead and a bullish type attitude is not what this country need….what’s needed is more understanding…..not another world war three(3)…i’m not moved at all with palin…

  21. L. Arzola Says:

    How? How? How do I comment on Twitter so Rick Sanchez can see it???

  22. Kadiatou Says:

    Sarah Palin has said nothing about her own record as Alaska governor other than the ‘bridge to nowhere’ comment. Is that really the only record she can speak of? and by the way her position on that is also questionable. The American people need real leaders not a one time wonder speaker.

  23. elijah Says:

    you cannot just change your slogan to what th other candidate is for just because you know that yours is not working. He claaims country firs, but how so if you change your slogan jyst to win….

  24. Deborah Says:

    Rick: Sarah Palin says that same things over and over again. At every event, she says these things as McCain stands over her shoulder and reads what she says.

    Can’t he speak to people without her anymore? It’s as if he needs her to whip up the crowd with untruths before he can begin to speak?

    As a woman, I feel as if his is using her to spread untruths. It is my deepest prayer that the American people are not so stupid and gullible that they are not able to see through this staging – Palin first and then him. God help us is we are that stupid!!!!

  25. joanne Says:

    oh i found that info on you tube…..just wondering……this is real scary indeed…..plus how well do we really know sarah palin? not much….iwill go for joe biden over sarah palin everyday all day.

  26. Lee Karvelis Says:

    All these epublicans know is cut my taxes”. Nothing else matters. Palin’s answer to everything is “cut taxes”. What’s McCain and the nutjob right wing going to pay for their wars with? More Chinese debt? I guess McCain and Palin don’t tell you what they’re going to do because people don’t want their Social Security privatized, their Medicare cut and education unfunded. Al;aska is the biggest welfare state in the Union and mooches on the Federal Treasury more than any other state. These Republicans are a bunch of hypocrits and liars.

  27. elijah Says:

    He just said it again, country first. Well if country is first, then dont flip flop just to win. I think hes interested in beating the first black president.

  28. joanne Says:

    this ink pen thing….is a veto well known as unconstitutional….are we soooo gullible…..it’s scary!!!!….lies and more lies. oh my goodness!!!!

  29. joanne Says:

    more or less it’s really in short a ploy just to win himself…mccain into the whitehouse…versus..a black man taking his spot….it’s not about the american people….notice the sneer on his face….take notice. this is awful.

  30. joanne Says:

    grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!…………….god help us all.

  31. joanne Says:

    yeah a change alright…….for the worse…..palin…..what shooting out the ceiling …….pray americans…pray….pray pray

  32. jack swegel Says:

    Hi Rick,

    Can you please ask Mrs Palin to get some new material – I’ve got this
    speech/rant memorized.

    By the way, when you split the screen and looked at your mail you
    quickly quit the screen when you didn’t see any praise for the
    Governor. Do you have to give equal time to responders?

    And who’s the statue standing next to Mrs Palin? If he moves any less
    he’ll be completely asleep. Is that suposed to be his Reagan
    imitation? At least he’s not staring at her derriere as he did
    yesterday – someone must have toild him he was on camera and in front
    of an audience.

    Keep up the work.

  33. Richard Says:

    The whole thing stinks. The only way to beat the Republican Liars is to get out and vote for OBama on election day. Obama needs a big turnout to win. Democrats vote in mass.

  34. Donna Says:

    Hi Rick

    I have been watching the U.S. election coverage since the beginning. I am a Canadian citizen but feel I need to comment on the candidates running for the next President of the United States of America as the decision effects most countries in the world.

    I have listened to both the Democratic and Republican nominees and while I appreciate John McCain and his sacrifice as a war veteran I cannot help but feel Barak Obama would be the better choice.

    I am so tired of hearing about Sarah Palin – this is because the final decision should be based on the best person for President – not Vice President. I watch CNN and see that the coverage from the time John McCain announced his VP is all about Sarah Palin – and I ask myself why? Whenever I turn CNN on I see Sarah Palin speaking at various events with John McCain standing beside her silently smiling and clapping. Who is the Republican nominee for President?

    Why do you not cover Joe Biden the same way? Why do you not concentrate on the Presidental nominees the same way?

    I must confess I am very fearful of the possibility that Sarah Palin could one day be the President of the United States of America.

    I am hopeful that the American people can see past race but fear that they cannot.

    Ontario, Canada

  35. Juan Pan Says:

    Hey Ricardo como estas, what really bugs me is when McCain, Hannity, Gingrich Orielly, Palin and a few others talk about how the surge worked, with a big smile on their faces. Between those mentioned I do have some respect for Orielly by the way.

    Do they not get it? It was an unnecessary war, I will say it again “it was an unnecessary war”, young men died close to 5000 American soldiers. You think there is smile on their parents faces, their wives, husbands, their children? In my opinion they would have rather gone after the true villain, Bin Laden.

    I have to say it, the smiles of deviosness always come from the Republican leadership look at their dirty campaigns. They go all out to belittle anyone in their way. they plagarize others material including logos. McCain proved to us on National television it is the end of the Republican Party, and not because McCain will be the next President. Did you hear that Mr. Hannity and friends it is over take Hasselback with you to Russia. ENOUGH!!

  36. […] just one anchor, the engagement on Twitter is being taken to different levels, including a Twitter show. Really awesome stuff. I hope we get to see more more activity, and from more […]

  37. William Andesrson Says:

    Way to go, Sanchez!!! I am looking forward to 3pm every day!

  38. jennifer Says:

    Please tell me why Bush is still pres.? the country wanted clinton impeached over somthing that didnt put the us in danger in any way, but yet Bush has done Far worse .

  39. jennifer Says:

    im really scared these days. the us has totally lost the concept of what this country was all about! Oil comp. scandels (nothing new) Bush always makeing VERY bad choices.(nothing new) National dept getting worse. (nothing new) lack of heath care. (nothing new). Well i think we ,,the people need SOMETHING NEW!! PLEASE


    Everyone is talking about Mcain’s selection and how great is was Mrs. Palin, but I would like to know if it is true that she headed a party that wanted to separate Alaska from the United States? Also did she make a statement that she is an Alaskan and not American, and that she wants nothing to do with America or its institution? As alot of people have questioned Obama’s patritism, this has got to be the most non patriotic statement I have ever heard from someone who could be second in command of a institution that she wants no part of. I have sent this question to several other news medias but have gotten NO response. Can you please get answer to this?

  41. […] goes even more mainstream with a CNN show using the power of […]

  42. Juan Pan Says:

    Hey Lisa Brown, I will do my best to answer your question, without trying to sound like a devious Republican. Palin was a speaker and a member for two years in 1994-1996, Palins husband was or still is a member of this group (AIP) that wanted to secede from the Union. Google Alaska seceding and that will answer more of your question.

    A Mrs. Clark swears that she was not a member when it was initially reported by her that she was a member for two years.

    Again probably a lie that is how politics works, especially with the Republican leadership.

    The Alaskan Independent Party was founded in 1990, Palins husband was recruited. Ms. Palin gave the AIP a favorable farewell, she wished them success.

  43. Morris Werthey Says:

    Rick Sanchez is doing a superb job! Please stop the criticism. It is WRONG!!! He is a great journalist. I will continue to look at CNN as long as he is on.

  44. camille Says:

    The rescue group out there that are helping these people that chose to “ride out the storm” ae truely HEROES.. People that chose to stay are obviously mentally challenged. To put these heroes in harms way because of their stupidity is very selfish. I only feel sorry for the poor animals that can’t leave on their own and have to stay with their owner.

  45. Ray Hedley Says:

    This financial issue, and debt, is an above and beyond, the political parties, Do the math, and the research, from development of the Federal Reserve; – if you dare. Beware, many who have dared to challenge its validity, have mysteriously disappeared, or meant with untimely deaths. Possibility me, as well, = but I answer to a Higher power; as a born again Christian. Do you have the balls, or guts, to ask the public, – to ask for an inquiry, as to, the Federal Reserve; which is neither Federal, nor is it a reserve, Yet don’t you find it interesting, that they’re always, in the background, – waiting to lend monies, to aid, and help, – plus raise, or lower the prime interest rates, for the USA economy, and financial markets; as well. Note Presidents have lost their lives, as well as, other government officials, – for taking the dare, to expose; = the Federal Reserve, and the TRUTH.

  46. Alpha51 Says:


    It is hard to believe that several of our nation progressive investment companies, who
    would reward ceo golden pocket deals and walk away for bad business decisions.

    AIG is the mother of all investment company…this is very scary..folks!!!

  47. barry r Says:

    mass ignorance is no excuse. Yes, as per Reagan, we have the right to fail. However, banks, investment banks and the institutions of wall street are like p\doctors and lawyers, not like pizza parlors and TV shows. Any modern government requires that they have the training and education and honest to serve in those functions. it is also true that the citizens can fell that they will continually lower taxes and let crucial infrastructure fail to save a nickel,but paying no taxes because your job is in India and you got rid of social security net to save a few buck that were going to the other guy is no step forward. Somalia is the goal you are slouching toward if you thing that there is no need for government to do anything but fight wars.

  48. Perhaps you should bring out the fact that Carly Feorina was fired from HP by the board of directors. Yes she got a severence package that was outragious but I think in view of the fact that she had about bankrupted HP they thought they were getting off easy. So she couldn’t run a company either.

  49. M Hardy Says:

    So tax payers loss their homes and congress does nothing, however, this great administration wants to bail out crooks that caused this big mess. These corporations and banks that made poor decisions need to suffer the concequences just like tax payers have had to lose their homes and start over.

  50. Joanne Irwin Says:

    Working in social work/counseling my professional life, I have a fairly good fix on people’s mannerisms. Sarah Palin appears power driven and self-centered. She talks a good line, but is far from congruent with what she says and does. Her brief stint in elected office affirms that. She’s nothing more than a far right Bushy in populist clothing.

    Americans were duped by George W. twice. What’s that saying…..Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice….How about a third time? If Palin/McCain (oops) ascend to the Oval Office, then the American citizenry is sicker than I thought, and will deserve anything that ticket doles out.

    Joanne Irwin, Cape Cod

  51. Judy Says:

    “Phones are already ringing! The lines will be busy and there will be meetings behind closed doors! There are corrupt and worried people out there, afraid they’ll be brought down! They’ll be plotting and planning what they can do, to keep McCain and Palin out of the White House. You watch, honey, there will be a big story in the news, and it will hurt McCain.” These were my words to my husband after hearing the news broadcast in which McCain announced his running mate.

    Two weeks later there have been, bail outs on Wall Street, Lehman Brothers collapses, and a $700 billion dollar loan to AIG. This after an extreme effort to discredit Governor Sarah Palin.

    Today an investigation is in progress to learn if there were illegal activities in connection with short selling.

    It is common knowledge that early in the campaign McCain had said the economy was not one of his strengths.

    I really do have to wonder if there are people who have caused the wall street woes and hurt America so they can continue with their dishonest lucrative operations. If there are, I hope they are caught before election day.

  52. Ann Scott Says:

    Paulson is not about an economic bailout. He is about a governmental/Wall Street/lobbyist COVER UP of their greedy, self-serving activities during BOTH the Clinton and Bush presidencies and congresses. He thinks he can SCAE us into acting quickly to avoid detection of their disgraceful betrayal of the American Trust which is (or was) a CRIME in this country. DO NOT GIVE THESE CRIMINALS OUR MONEY.


    Mrs. Palin take her family every where she goes; I wonder how that must be affecting her unmarried 17 year old pregnant daughter. They talk about her children being off limit they talk about the media criticizing her, what about all the criticism that the Obama camp has sustained. Once you become a Vice presidential Candidate, you put yourself in a position to be scrutinized. The Amerincan people want to know who you are and what have you accomplished? We especially want to know how your 17 year old daughter manages to get pregnant especially when you are such a conservative. What type of example are they following? I think you need to have a handle on what’s going on at home before you can think about helping lead our nation. In addition, I would like to know if it is true that she headed a party that wanted to separate Alaska from the United States! How PATRIOTIC IS THAT. Also did she make a statement that she is an Alaskan and not American! HOW PATRIOTIC IS THAT? LASTLY did she actually say that she wants nothing to do with America or its institution?

  54. Jerry Eversole Says:

    Rick, Don’t understand this… If McCain or Obamma have the Economic “FIX”. Why the he… are they not in Washington doing their day job and putting their actual vote or packager being stuffed to the tax payers. Or, are they just going to vote “present”.
    Wanna help, do your REAL job for now mandidatges.
    Thanks for the opportunity to voice my opinion.

  55. Clydia Jackson Says:



    Armorplate all military vehicles; send them plenty of anything they need, vests, new helmets, boots, advanced detection devices for IEDs. ANYTHING they need. Send their struggling families a check for at least $200,000. each. Pay off 75% of all the risky and in trouble mortgages they pushed on the unsuspecting. Give full medical coverage to all persons who have none. I’m sure this will only make a small dent in the money these scoundrels have reached in and taken. John McCain being right there, growling, snapping, snarling as he snatched his ‘share’. Use some of the money to ship the main players to Siberia and give them a chainsaw and a box of matches.

  56. Jim Romends Says:

    I would like to call the new afternoon show “The Rick Sanchez Show”.
    He does a great job. I enjoy it every day, and would not miss it-even though my wife has to go to the other tv to see Dr. Phil!

  57. DWoods Says:

    The debate should not be delayed. They can be in and out of Mississippi in 5 hours. There has been millions of dollars spent on this event. Both should make arrangements to attend debate and return immediately to Capitol Hill. Hard work is part of the terms of being a leader. Obama reached out to McCain first and this should be noted on all news casts.

  58. George Freije, Jupiter, FL Says:

    I’m appalled. How could a guy that admits that he doesn’t know much about economics convince me that his presence in D.C. will help difuse the economic crisis, and exactly why is he unable to debate Obama? Will he still back out of the debate if the bailout goes through Friday morning? Indeed, anyone who thinks a problem that has plagued us for 8 years can be solved in a few days is insulting my intelligence.

  59. Richie Myers Says:

    Hello Rick, I have several questions, but my first one is how will DICK CHENEY benefit from this? These guys are pathetic, I’m smelling something worse than a rat. The debate should continue so we can continue the presidential race. I do not TRUST the White House and all his buddies to have our interest in their hands.

  60. Moore Says:

    What a bunch of bull. McCain is trying to pull a fast one and I hope Obama goes with the debate

  61. Sunday Sofela Says:

    It seems Mccain is only trying to buy some time. With the election close by, the debate should not be delayed. The financial crisis is not going to be solved entirely overnight. I think the Republican Party is in disarray. Democrat Senators are ready for the Bill. Mccain should tell the arrogant Mr. Bush to listen to and work with the Congress. His primetime national address is not going to help.

  62. roslyn Says:

    Hey, I have an idea for the national debt crsis!!! Why not take the millions that was taken at the fall of Saddam’s reign and put into our economy after all part of the U.S. mess is because of the war. Let them pay out of their pockets for a change. Oh where Oh where has the millions gone.

  63. Barbara Says:

    hey Rick, doing an awesome job, i think you should take Campbell Browns spot, she is awful. I love the way you talk to people like we were right there, keep it up baby, your time is coming for prime time.

  64. John Barry Says:

    The Birk Economic Recovery PLan

    Hi Pals,

    I’m against the $85,000,000,000.00 bailout of AIG.

    Instead, I’m in favor of giving $85,000,000,000 to America in a ‘We Deserve It Dividend’.

    To make the math simple, let’s assume there are 200,000,000 bon-a-fide U.S. Citizens 18+.

    Our population is about 301,000,000 +/- counting every man, woman and child. So 200,000,000 might be a fair stab at adults 18 and up..

    So divide 200 million adults 18+ into $85 billon that equals $425,000.00.

    My plan is to give $425,000 to every person 18+ as a ‘We Deserve It Dividend’.

    Of course, it would NOT be tax free. So let’s assume a tax rate of 30%.

    Every individual 18+ has to pay $127,500.00 in taxes. That sends $25,500,000,000 right back to Uncle Sam.

    But it means that every adult 18+ has $297,500.00 in their pocket. A husband and wife has $595,000.00.

    What would you do with $297,500.00 to $595,000.00 in your family?
    Pay off your mortgage – housing crisis solved.
    Repay college loans – what a great boost to new grads
    Put away money for college – it’ll be there
    Save in a bank – create money to loan to entrepreneurs.
    Buy a new car – create jobs
    Invest in the market – capital drives growth
    Pay for your parent’s medical insurance – health care improves
    Enable Deadbeat Dads to come clean – or else

    Remember this is for every adult U S Citizen 18+ including the folks who lost their jobs at Lehman Brothers and every other company that is cutting back. And of course, for those serving in our Armed Forces.

    If we’re going to re-distribute wealth let’s really do it…instead of trickling out a puny $1000.00 ( “vote buy” ) economic incentive that is being proposed by one of our candidates for President.

    If we’re going to do an $85 billion bailout, let’s bail out every adult U S Citizen 18+!

    As for AIG – liquidate it.
    Sell off its parts.
    Let American General go back to being American General.
    Sell off the real estate.
    Let the private sector bargain hunters cut it up and clean it up.

    Here’s my rationale. We deserve it and AIG doesn’t.

    Sure it’s a crazy idea that can “never work.”

    But can you imagine the Coast-To-Coast Block Party!

    How do you spell Economic Boom?

    I trust my fellow adult Americans to know how to use the $85 Billion ‘We Deserve It Dividend’ more than I do the geniuses at AIG or in Washington DC.

    And remember, The Birk plan only really costs $59.5 Billion because $25.5 Billion is returned instantly in taxes to Uncle Sam.

    Ahhh…I feel so much better getting that off my chest.

    Kindest personal regards,


    T. J. Birkenmeier, A Creative Guy & Citizen of the Republic

    PS: Feel free to pass this along to your pals as it’s either good for a laugh or a tear or a very sobering thought on how to best use $85 Billion!!

  65. Daniel W. Says:

    Why not go ahead and admit it, the Investment Bankers, The Banks and The White House are holding everyone hostage! Pay or else.

  66. Bob Provo Says:

    The example Sara Palin gave as her having experience dealing with Russia because of the intercept flights that take place off of the coast of Alaska is as ridiculous and misleading as it gets. I’m a retired naval aircrewman who participated in these types of flights and I don’t believe that Palin or any other State Governor provided input to Military Leaders making these types of time critical calls.

    One thing for sure is that I believe now more than ever that the leaders from both parties should hang their heads in shame because from what I see none of them have any believable ethical credibility.

  67. What financial items are the safest to hold? How about treasury bills, notes? Bank Money Market accounts? Are bank CD’s protected by the Federal government? Should I cash them in now and lose the interest?

  68. Colin Sharpe Says:

    Rick, You are doing a great job. I really do enjoy your show.Can it be called “The Rick Sanchez Show”?Why Not? Please do not pay attention to the low class folks who use foul language to describe you.You are CLASS. Thanks for being a great human being.

    What is wrong with my address?I have two-CSharpe10@hotmail and drich@Triad.rr.com.

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  70. Judy Morris Says:

    I love your show, Rick. I am concerned, though.Why are you not wearing your wedding band now? Is it simply because it got too tight?I hope so.That happened to me, and I had to get it stretched.

  71. B Mathews Says:

    I think that if the commentor were not black it would not be such of an issue. She’s not asking these question to Obama, they will be directed to Biden and Palin what’s the problem?

    Bias, aren’t we running off of bias anyway? Isn’t that why Obama isn’t higher in the polls. It’s a book you don’t want her to make the money don’t buy the book.

    We put our prorities in the wrong place that why we are in the mess we’re in now.

    Bias mentality.

  72. Dennise Says:

    Divide the $700 billion between each and every taxpaer, which to my calculations would be between $15,000-$20,000 each. Let us circulate our own money.

  73. Yerby Says:

    Love the show Rick! Hey, is it me or does your show have more commercials than most? To the point…there is a reason for vetting…and Palin is that “textbook” reason!!! Go Joe and ObaMO!!!

  74. […] Stoltz has the deets on the new show. Sanchez is using Twitter to create a level of interaction with viewers that is […]

  75. Jim DeVries Says:

    Rick – Bill Schneiders numbers don’t add up to 100%. He left out those that said it was a draw. That means that 49% of the people dod not think that Biden beat Paliin. Not a good perfomance against a rookie for someone who has been in about 70 debates at the presidential level incuding abour 20 in the last year.

  76. […] Stoltz has the deets on the new show. Sanchez is using Twitter to create a level of interaction with viewers that is […]

  77. A.R. Williams Says:


    I usually like the way you handle these discussions on the Presiidential Race but this time I am somewhat mystified that you would include Obama in the mud-slinging that is now going on.

    Anyone that has followed the Republicans vs. Democrats the last 20 plus years has to know that the GOP ‘s MOS has always been SMEAR. This means that Obama has to reply in kind in order to negate any adverse publicity fostered by these people. I’m sure you witnessed what happened with President Bush Sr.’s push to the Whitehouse …..not to mention Bush Jr. vs McCain.

    To these people …..the end justifies the means. Anything goes with them as long as they achieve their goal.

  78. richard Says:

    John McCain just gave Obamas speech if he really thinks he can get away with this. the Republican party and John McCain are responisible for this economic mess. He should take his own advice and tell the truth. all I see is the big lie for McCain,and an old man that just does not get it tring to lead a lot of republican sheep off a cliff.

  79. john mccain is out of touch. It is so boring to watch him on TV. We are tired of hearing the same old *#%&* from him. WHAT IS WRONG WITH HIM? Who is advising him? Is there something wrong with them? I am sorry but I do not understand how somebody could be so dumb at this day and age. With all the problems we are having is this all he can do to reassure us that he is the one we should vote for? I sure would hate to be dying and waiting on him to give me a cool drink of water. He do not seem to have any feeling for the middle class. It seems the only people following him are people who have money. If do not have any money and you are following him you are following the wrong person. You are going to be left behind, because mccain do not care one thing about little broke people like us. What is so strange about this is that it seems that all of his followers believe that bull he is selling. I never there were so many dumb people in the world.

  80. Cori London Says:

    Hey Rick: Am I the only one who knows THE REAL REASON Mc Caine went back to Washington during the SO CALLED Economic Crisis? If I am – here it is! He did NOTHING when he went back. He went back to be sure he could talk in private to other Republicans and Business Associates TO PROTECT HIS OWN/AND HIS WIFE’S INVESTMENTS! He went back to be SURE every detail was in place THAT WOULD PROTECT HIS OWN INTERESTS! DAAH!

  81. Janet Says:

    I was born and raised on the south side of Chicago and I take much offense on the comments made by McCain and Palin regarding politicians fromChicago…..and they are trying to be the President and Vice President where????? Washington!!!!

  82. ironic. Says:

    As you publish your web2.0 blog with your web2.0 google-ad backed theme, you bash Rick sanchez for profiteering on web2.0 as well? Ironic indeed. I think he’s doing a service by involving the viewers.. I think it’s ridiculous that you are so bored that you look for any possible way to turn that around on him.

  83. Bob Says:

    Rick How can CNN talk when everyday It allows Sarah to stand up in a movie and yell fire buy putting her racist comments on all day everyday. Also that racist cop should be fired. Free Speech, not speech for free, it should cost him his job. There is noway he could serve the public fairly. FIRE HIS ASS!

  84. jeff Says:

    Rich, there has been a recorded history of depressions in the last 3 centuries 1st one on record was in London around 1720 (before the USA was a nation) that one lasted until 1784 (64 yrs) 2nd one was in 1835 and lasted until 1840 and the one everyone knows about is the great depression of 1929, does anyone go back and investigate history and see what was the causes of the past depression? as I see it everything is in play, I hope that the USA makes it
    the problems on wall street hurting the economy is happening way to many time in my lifetime. People this is not a game it is our futures.

  85. Brian H Says:

    The first problem is that the people who understand this problem are in a position to benefit from the resultant rip-off that the government is proffering. The approach is being done from the supply side. This offers the offending parties the chance to profit from running their companies into the dirt. If you lend me ten thousand dollars, and a month later, I give you back one thousand and say the value just went down, too bad for you, whose fool are you supposed to be? If we take the assumption that the demand side of the equation has many players that must be made whole again, the offending businesses go away, MANY, MANY good players in the marketplace remain to function, and many new players will enter the fray. Either way, it’s bad, but throwing open the US treasury to the same rascals who plundered their own companies and their customers is conceptually repugnant to the American way of life!!
    The blame does not belong on Clinton. Ten years ago, Clinton initiated some re-regulation to admit more people into the mortgage and investment marketplace. When the players in the market used the revised lending guidance to throw common business sense out the window and authorize mortgages in ridiculous circumstances, they wrote this chapter themselves. Now Bush, et al are saying they could not possibly have looked at what was happening and revised the environment in the eight years they have been there? You guys all believe that, don’t you?

  86. George Says:

    Why don’t the ask the FBI or the CIA on current files on Bradley, I am sure that they must keep tabs on accused terrorist living in the USA, this might be able to clear the question on Obama

  87. jeffville Says:

    It doesn’t surprise me at all, it’s funny to me to see all the mainstream media people act as if it never happens. Mainstream America don’t like to be reminded of all the ill will that they have caused through out the history of this country. They really don’t like us, but they tolerate us because the law says they have too. For the most part minorities (all of us) just want to be accepted.

  88. Darby Lynch Says:

    Rick: Are these people The same ” Christians”who will go to church on Sundays to worship the God who says “all men are created equal” Oh boy. That “God” will not be happy with them. They are playing with fire.

  89. Jackie Says:

    Rick who was those 3 idiots you just had on tv, they do not speak for me John Mc Cain is not the best for economy. I wish I could talk to 3 republicansyou had on. This is not about being a Democrat or a Republican it is about be an independent thinker and not letting people pressure me into voting. I thank God for my mother she never force me who to vote for she never the religion card on me. I am african-american my mother always told me voting is my right and my thoughts and I can not tell you who to vote for. I she said the church do not have that right either, the day my pastor tells me who to vote the day I will lose respect for him.

  90. Ralph Hunter Says:

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned that the large upbeat in the stockmarket Friday might have been from the large institutions buying which is computer generated when certain established lows are achieved? Now the computer lows for buying and selling are probably at different amounts because the institutions can make millioins on only a 20 point jump. So they are still making a lot of money as the economy is suffering.

  91. Mary Says:

    Hi, Rick,

    You are the only one who have the guts to show the Palins’ association with AIP. I hope they will show it more on TV so that people will know the real Sarah Palin. She’s been linking Barack Obama With Ayers, but look whose talking. Maverick she’s not. Keep up the good work.

    Thank you….Mary

  92. David Says:

    Why is everybody so up tight about who will become the Prez. Can’t they see by now that the gov. an big biss. run this world…………The prez. is NOTHING in this world

  93. Moira Says:

    Rick, be very mindful of the fact that there is much more to Twitter or any other social media application than a fun techie way to communicate with your viewers. Please consult with the sharpest techie geeks you can get a hold of. Twitter has all of the possibilities of being a vital “Big Brother” tool for those who care to use Twitter to that means.

    I confronted someone from The Department of Defense about his reasons for being on Twitter at least 16 or more hours a day. Tweeting the most unfeasible activities just to pass as one more person using Twitter. He more or less admitted that the DOD was monitoring people. His response to me was. “Well what do you thing marketers and advertisement think tanks do?” (I still have his emails.) he went on to defend his presence on Twitter, Face-book, Squid-do as being for positive reasons. If so why not be upfront with the benign research he was supposedly doing?

    I went to a website he had listed as his profile. I should have thought twice when the site required me to download files from that site…When I tried to delete the files my computer went blank then all my icons went left horizontally on my monitor screen instead of lateral. Much more than a Trojan horse that tracks clicks or websites people visit was loaded into my computer. All my files and documents were somehow duplicated. (???)

    Think about it, many Twitter users have cell phones with GPS, they innocently Tweet where they are, who they are with, where they are going, what their professions are, who their business contacts are, facts about their finances, health, families and etc. They also so kindly video stream seminars, church services, business meetings and conventions they are attending. So guess what the DOD or lets say Big Brother Government is there also courtesy of Twitter.

    I take the chance of a conspiracy nut job, I know! But do yourself a favor and ask a social media techie geek if what I am saying is possible?

    God Bless,


    P.S. There are other DOD Tweeters in Twitter….You can tell them by the enormous amount of updates they have, large amount of people they are following and they Tweet all day long and into the night about generic subjects to seemingly no one. Maybe bots! Rarely do they have a one on one conversation with other Tweeters. Do they not work or sleep??

  94. Lasrry Says:

    Mr Rich, The Toyota DEATH TRAPS are finally exposed. They paid off a Washington insider for years and covered up the defects they were putting on our streets. The insider receiving was on the National Auto Safty Board and is now Toyota’s president and he can’t cover up defects now. Toyota thinks Americans are VERY STUPID and many are,, they BUY Foreign death traps over SUPERIOR QUALITY AMERICAN CO. AUTOMOBILES.

  95. Noticed you are not wearing your wedding ring anymore??????????????????????

  96. Jen Says:

    good post..great share, great article..love to read it

  97. I do not know what other folks feel, yet In my opinion what you explained is true.

  98. Riversidelady Says:

    It is sad when people say we are a melting pot, WE ARE NOT,more like a salad. Do you people really believe that an anglo person is treated the same as a person of color? Take off your blinders,colored glasses if you believe this. Perhaps the anglo community might be bothered that some of know exactly where we come from for sure and anglo is just not quite sure, you think? Those of us that are bilingual take pride in our culture. Perhaps a more diversitized education may be in order because until you know us you will find that we to are educated,hard working people. Not every African-American or Mexican American are criminals,look in the mirror people it is everywhere,it has no color. Also I would like to add that most of the time we have to fight for everything i.e. jobs,educations, services period. Until you truly know how it is to be discriminated against one should NOT talk. It hurts when you have nothing other than being a little darker or just plain look different we should all be treated equal. Pipe dreams still come true if one works at it.

  99. Riversidelady Says:

    We all get a little,or alot, get tired of how things are said or how we are treated. American I am and just as proud of my Mexican heritage. Grow up America because we are your neighbors and etc. that we should all just get along. The world would be a better place we one will just learn and listen.

  100. […] interestingly. Like Dr. Sanjay Gupta points out, "It’s hard to imagine how a Twitter feed from 4,607 users […]

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