Search Results Putting the “Re-” in Reiterations

7, October, 2008

The, web outpost for the improbably long-tenured U.S. magazine, has debuted another iteration. I’ve lost count of how many sub-launches of the site there have been just since I’ve been paying attention. But that’s good. From where I sit, multiple iterations are the way to progress on the web. Too often web developers sit […] They Get It, They Really Get It!

21, March, 2008

The Atlantic, the magazine that is rarely described without the adjective “venerable,” has undergone an astonishing web rebirth–or, rather, series of rebirths. I don’t mean they’ve gone on the web. They did that a long time ago. I mean they’ve gotten the web. The magazine (which, with its we’re-doing-it-meta-so-we’re-not-really-pandering cover story on Britney Spears is […]

The Atlantic: Finding Its Sea Legs

22, January, 2008

I’m delighted to report that as of today the website for The Atlantic magazine has stuck an epee in its self-infatuated, self-destructive policy of permitting only subscribers of the print edition to read articles published in the printed magazine online. A New York Times story reports on the change of heart. The Atlantic’s policy, while […] Sailing with a Sneer

16, August, 2007

The Atlantic, that long-tenured magazine for the thinky set, has updated its Web site. It’s one of the better recent magazine site re-dos I’ve seen. It suffers some surprisingly obvious usability issues, but overall it’s a smart renovation of a smart publication. Fundamentally, renews the online experience for the emerging bigbrain reader, adding blogs and reader comments yet […]

Web 2.D’oh! Roundup

16, June, 2008

The Weekly Print ‘n’ Read Feature Last week I introduced a new feature, the Web 2.Oh. . .Really? Print ‘n’ Read (sm). Each week I highlight one piece of journalism so worthy of extended attention that it’s actually worth printing out and reading later on, away from the computer. So fire up the ol’ inkjet […]

The 2.D’oh! Weekly Round-Up, Vol. VII

7, September, 2007

It’s Friday, which can mean only that it’s time for the weekly roundup of high points, low points and no points in 2.0 Village.  Big media doesn’t cover the issues, you say? Check out’s cooler-than-beans  Issue Coverage Tracker, which illustrates with interactive visuals how much media coverage there’s been on each candidates’ position on issues from abortion […]