The 2.D’oh! Weekly Round-Up, Vol. V

Mommy make it stop, cont’d

Your friends, the people who believe they should be President, will field questions from college students and other Web habituees when MySpace and host “interactive real-time presidential dialogues.”

MySpace head flak Jeff Berman called it “a digital extension of the Iowa or New Hampshire living room where a candidate walks into someone’s home to have a dialogue.” The fun starts with John Edwards on Sept. 27.

No word yet on whether questions will be screened to ensure none come from registered sex offenders or illegal downloaders. 

Baby 2.0, that leading destination for the reproductive set, has launched a beta version of a site renovation. It’s tacked on some of the usual 2.0fferings: UGC blogs, enhanced community features, and so on. Highlights: a personalized tag cloud which captures your own previous clicks, not those of the whole community; a smart use of personalization, which puts a box that features info to your specific week of pregnancy on your home page; and the inevitable, suspect promise to that search is new and improved to make it easier and faster to find what you want.

There is also a strange bifurcation of “questions” and “community.” Since most folks who participate in communities go there to ask questions, I hereby offer this prediction: Those two areas will be merged within, say, nine months.

Genuinely interesting story of the week

This contemplation of whether digital archives should ever be altered to correct the record, respond to veiled (or not) lawsuit threats, etc. The column by Elizabeth Zwerling appears on the site Online Journalism Review.

Items from Onion circulated fraudently as truth? Or signs of the coming Apocalypse? 

This week the Mountain View search engine colossus proved that its ambitions are not merely for global domination: It launched a new version of Google earth that takes on the stars.

And an article appeared in Business Week about aSmallWorld, [aka “Snobster,”] a U.K.-based invitation-only social network for. . .multi-millionnaires.

Noted Without Comment, cont’d

The digital newstand of the future? [A tip o’ the fez to our friends at]

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