The Web 2.D’oh! Round-up

Recent trouble, trivialities and triumphs from the wild world of 2.0:

Doesn’t the Salvation Army Still Take Old Magazines?

“There’s more of a need for this magazine than ever, given the explosion in the number of TV channels,” said Debra Birnbaum, a TV Guide editor who was promoted to editor in chief [of the ink-and-paper version] on Tuesday.–from a New York Times article explaining that the new owner of TV Guide/Gemstar wants to sell the ink-and-paper magazine and keep only the electronic products.

End of an Error, Cont’d

Dying Newspaper Trend Buys Nation’s Newspapers Three More Weeksfrom The Onion

WASHINGTON—A recent glut of feature stories on the death of the American newspaper has temporarily made the outmoded form of media appealing enough to stave off its inevitable demise for an additional 21 days, sources reported Monday. “People really seem to identify with these moving, ‘end-of-an-era’-type pieces,” Washington Post editor-in-chief Leonard Downie, Jr. said. “It’s nice to see that the printed word is still, at least for now, the most powerful medium for reporting on the death of the printed word.” Downie added that the poignant farewell Op-Ed he recently penned was so well received that he will be able to hold onto his job for up to six more days.

The Fifth Horseman of the Apocalypse (sm) On His Weekly Ride

$3 million raised for 2.0 software that creates communities around PowerPoint presentationsfrom TechCrunch

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