Sex Sells, Version 2.0

Curious synchronicity in the newsfeed today, with two stories about brand-name softcore porn site relaunches.

  • The New York Times reports on Penthouse’s acquistion of a group of social networking sites. Odd detail: Among the 25 properties acquired from Various Inc., is, a social networking site where people try to link up based on spiritual inclinations.
  • has a good overview on the web strategy of Playboy Enterprises, which is relaunching its website next year–but keeping the most popular multimedia features behind a paid wall.  The report says little about the company’s social networking plans, but it does talk about its foray into mobile content. There are currently blogs and live chats by the featured women.

For the record, I would like it noted that I made it through this entire entry without a single winky-winky sex pun. I even resisted an easy play on 2.o. I think I deserve a reward for this.

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One Comment on “Sex Sells, Version 2.0”

  1. Mary ann whiteside Says:

    Reward:grateful readers.
    But if I find you on facebook,I could gift you : )

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